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TDIC1125 - Senior Manager - Projects Audit

Company: TDIC
Function: Internal Audit
Department: Internal Audit
Location: Abu Dhabi
Contract Type: Full Time - Limited
Closing Date: 30-Jun-2012

About Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC)

Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) is a master developer of major tourism destinations in Abu Dhabi and a key contributor to its economic and cultural progress. TDIC is behind some of Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious projects. These include two major destinations: Saadiyat – a natural island off the coast of Abu Dhabi, which will feature five leading cultural institutions designed by five Pritzker Prize winners, including the Zayed National Museum, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Desert Islands – a unique heritage-based tourism destination.

By creating investment partnerships and joint ventures, TDIC’s developments are helping to support Abu Dhabi’s evolution into a world-class destination for tourists, businesses and residents.

For further information visit www.tdic.ae


Internal Audit


The Senior Manager - Projects Audit will be responsible for the management and supervision of internal audit activities within the Projects Audit Division which is a sub-function of the Internal Audit Department. Performing advanced, specialized and/or managerial auditing work within the projects audit division.

Responsible for managing complex audits; performing critical project management duties in the planning, scheduling, coordinating, reviewing and reporting of the work of audit teams within the Project Audit Division; and providing expertise in project audits, risks/controls, real estate development industry specific expertise as well as experience in auditing standards and performance criteria, audit requirements.

The Senior Manager will be responsible for assisting the Director of Internal Audit in initiating and managing projects audits, the results of which will: help the business manage strategic, projects and operational risks, improve or develop efficient and effective business processes, identify and communicate best practices, and foster appropriate control levels for business and financial risks primarily within the projects of TDIC and all core departments and activities directly associated with the execution of the projects during different stages of a project life-cycle.

Specifically responsible for identifying business risk to assist the Director of Internal Audit in developing a comprehensive audit plan to monitor management's controls over the Projects Portfolio of TDIC.

Responsible for developing detailed audit programs to monitor controls and provide reports in accordance with the Internal Audit Methodology and Manual adopted by TDIC.


1. At least 8 to 10 years of practical and management level experience in projects audit and project risk identification experience. Extensive knowledge and experience in Real Estate Development.

2. A combination of experience in a corporate environment and as an internal auditor at a Big Four Firm strongly preferred.


1. Recognized professional qualification in one of the following, CIA, CPA, or ACCA. Combination of CIA and CPA preferred.

2. At least a Bachelor's Degree from a recognized university majoring in a relevant field of Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Auditing) or a Bachelors' Degree in a relevant Engineering field with practical auditing experience.

Other Information:

1. Work with the Director of Internal Audit to ensure a system is in place which ensures that all major risks to TDIC related to the Project Portfolio are identified and analyzed, on an ongoing basis;

2. Coordinating with the Director of Internal Audit the preparation and compilation of periodic and year-end reporting to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors.

3. Effective and efficient execution of the part of the Internal Audit Plan related to the Projects Audit Division and the related scheduling and assigning work and estimating resource requirements;

4. Manage, supervise and review all internal audit activities related to the reviews within the scope of the Projects Audit Division as mandated by the:

a. Internal Audit Plan through execution of planned internal audit engagements;

b. Special Projects as may be requested by Audit Committee / Management's for unplanned internal audit engagements;

5. Supervise the work of outsourced consultants and /or manage the TDIC Internal Audit Staff assigned to engagements related to the scope of the Projects Audit Division, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of all manpower resources assigned to the Projects Audit Division.

6. Ensure that all internal audit work is executed, delivered and reported in accordance with the quality levels adopted by TDIC's Internal Audit Department and stipulated in its Internal Audit Methodology and Manual.

7. Make remedial recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed, report on the findings and recommendations and monitor management's response and implementation;

8. To review and report on the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of the financial and operational project information that is provided for management;

9. Provide recommendations to continuously improve the quality of internal audit work within the Department, through implementation of new audit procedures or revisions to the Internal Audit Methodology/Manual.

10. Identify, understand, and document processes and procedures surrounding internal controls. Continually monitor and update the assessment of the control environment, keeping abreast of significant control issues, trends and developments.

11. Reviewing and approving detailed audit programs tailored to each audit to assure that no specific tests or activities necessary for the audit are overlooked and to assist in preventing ineffective audit techniques from being performed. This review process is directed at specific accomplishment of defined audit objectives.

12. Internal Audit Reviews to be conducted and supervised by the Senior Manager - Projects Audits include, but are not limited to:

a. Review the reliability and integrity of financial and operational project information and the means used to identify measure, classify and report such information.

b. Review of management controls over the different phases of execution of a project including controls over project management, contractors management, contract

management, review and verification of variation orders and contractor claims, identification of potential project savings opportunities.

c. Evaluate the company and contractors practices to ensure compliance with policies, plans, standards, laws, and regulations that could have significant impact upon operations.

d. Review and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the management's system of internal control and quality of performance in carrying out project management and execution responsibilities.

e. Evaluate each of the core departments (development, design and delivery) of the organization periodically to determine if they are performing in compliance with management's policies, procedures, goals and objectives.

f. Evaluate each of the TDIC projects periodically to determine if they are performing in compliance with management's policies, procedures, goals and objectives and review effectiveness in the accomplishment of objectives and goals established for each project.

g. Review of Management procedures and controls to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources (operational audits).

13. Review and record actions and plan taken by management to correct conditions reported by audit findings. Determine that actions taken are appropriate for the circumstances or initiates further discussions with appropriate management and staff.

14. Participate in committee meeting and any other representations or assignments upon requisition by the Director of Internal Audit.

15. Evaluating auditor performance, providing on-the-job training,

and counselling auditors to strengthen the person's


16. Pursuing professional development opportunities, including

external and internal training and professional association

memberships, and sharing information gained with co-workers.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
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