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TDIC1146 - Veterinarian - Sir Bani Yas Island

Company: Desert Island - Sir Bani Yas
Function: Technical Services
Department: Animal Department
Location: Sir Bani Yas Island
Contract Type: Full Time - Unlimited
Closing Date: 31-May-2012

About Desert Islands

Desert Islands, a collection of eight special islands situated 250 kilometres from the capital, is a heritage based tourism destination where a large proportion of the land is dedicated to wildlife and nature. The area consists of Sir Bani Yas Island, Dalma Island, and six Discovery Islands.

A vision of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founder and late President, the destination plays a key role in Abu Dhabi’s efforts to develop and nurture a responsible future in tourism while conserving and promoting local traditions.

A working conservation sanctuary, Sir Bani Yas Island is at the heart of the destination, and offers five-star accommodation at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. Dalma Island is home to a traditional community of more than 10,000 people and features the Desert Islands Education Centre, which provides education to the local inhabitants. The nearby six Discovery Islands will not be developed and are instead being preserved as precious breeding grounds for avian and marine life.

A master plan for the islands is being created with a watchful eye to ensure the preservation of ecosystems and marine environments. The unique islands and their rich cultural history offer visitors an enriching journey through scenic landscapes, dynamic wildlife reserves, untouched marine ecologies and ancient archaeological sites.

For further information visit www.desertislands.com

General Information:

Desert Islands LLC is looking for a Veterinarian to lead all Veterinary Services on Sir Bani Yas Island.

Responsible for the management and control of the entire veterinary services program on SBY which include but are not limited to:  implementation; prevention and/or treatment of physical disease and injury for all animal, birds and marine species on SBY

Qualifications Required:

Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science.

Masters in wildlife/medicine or equivalent

Veterinary surgeons 

Auxilary Requirements

Wildlife Immobilization Certification

Laboratory management and practice experience

English literate

Computer proficient (All applications of the office package)

Valid UAE drivers license

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • To lead the Veterinary Services and maintain a programme of preventive and curative veterinary care and nutrition in line with the Standards of Modern Zoo and free ranging wildlife practices.
  • Day to day veterinary care of the animal collection.
  • Management of the veterinary hospital and veterinary staff
  • Co-ordination of veterinary support services and advice on breeding, husbandry and enclosure design.
  • Develop a wider role in wildlife veterinary medicine, including the proper reporting of cases, the establishment of appropriate research and representing the Company in a range of external fora.
  • To take responsibility for the veterinary care of the animal collection.
  • To manage the day to day running of all of the veterinary facilities on SBY which includes the hospital; laboratory and staff assigned to these facilities.
  • To collect the practical maximum data from all procedures, maintain accurate veterinary records, and where in the interest of Desert Islands LLC and the wildlife collection on SBY publish case notes and scientific papers as appropriate.
  • To develop a network of professional advisors in accordance with TDIC protocols and procedures, to provide back-up expertise to the in-house service.
  • To undertake such other duties as may from time to time be considered necessary for the efficient and proper operation of the Department within the competence of the post holder.
  • Undertake and submit monthly and weekly reports as required
  • To develop and manage the department budget.
  • Record usage of inventory supplies and manage turnover of stock appropriately

Care and Management of Collection

  • Implementation animal record keeping
  • Implementation health screening protocols
  • Implementation genetic bank data of SBY animal population
  • To supervise the pre-export and import health screening of animals leaving or being introduced into the collection.
  • To advise on major disease outbreaks, both actual and potential.
  • Implementation of feeding programs
  • Supervision standards animal welfare
  • To keep up to date with relevant animal health or veterinary legislation and advise on measures to ensure compliance.

Management of Veterinary Clinic

  • Maintain the veterinary surgery and laboratory
  • Implement and maintain animal holding facilities including an in-house quarantine with the required quarantine protocol according to UAE statutory requirements
  • Ensure inventory such as animal medicines, additives (e.g. minerals) and equipment are replenished as required
  • Conduct regular audit of medicines to ensure expired products are disposed of appropriately

Management of Staff

  • Provide line management, guidance and training for all staff in the veterinary department as required. Follow agreed procedures for all performance management issues.
  • Ensure effective rotational practices of staff are implemented to provide adequate staff cover at all times, and hours and responsibilities are distributed fairly.
  • Familiarize; implement and ensure adherence to all HS&E protocols and regulations pertaining to the veterinary and conservation side of the SBY operations, also ensure that all unsafe practices are identified; reported and corrected in accordance with legal requirements in this regard


  • Internal
    • Attend and participate in regular meetings as directed by Manager - Conservation and Botany Services SBY
    • Contribute and participate in performance reviews of subordinates on an annual basis
    • Upon direction from Management delegate tasks to Field Managers, and ensure the tasks are executed proficiently
    • Ensure management are aware of any staffing problems in order to address appropriately
    • Liaise with all pertinent departments, including marketing and other commercial departments as appropriate.
    • To provide veterinary input into master-planning and planning of new exhibits
  • External
    • To develop appropriate links in line with TDIC guidelines in this regard with relevant universities and vet schools to establish a link to programmes of continuing professional development in the field of wildlife and exotic animal veterinary medicine.
    • Be the main point of contact external bodies involved in animal health.
    • Liaise with international organizations (eg EAZA, WAZA) on animal health matters and participate in committees and working groups with relevance to the wildlife programs on SBY as appropriate.
    • Represent the Company in EAZWV and other professional bodies with appropriate relevance to the wildlife programs on SBY.
    • Liaise in line with TDIC protocols with NGOs or other institutions on field conservation projects.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Passport-size photograph
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